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[catalogued under 25. Social Practice / F. Life Issues / 3. Abortion]

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If a foetus or baby has a poor chance of a worthwhile life, it may be directly wrong not to replace it by a baby with a better chance - though this consideration may be outweighed by side-effects.

Gist of Idea

Apart from side effects, it seems best to replace an inadequate foetus with one which has a better chance


Jonathan Glover (Causing Death and Saving Lives [1977], 11.1)

Book Reference

Glover,Jonathan: 'Causing Death and Saving Lives' [Penguin 1982], p.140

A Reaction

I can't disagree with this. In early pregnancy, if we object to termination, why can't we object if the more 'worthwhile' child is not conceived. We want good human lives.