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Necessary and sufficient conditions are usually expressed by "if and only if" (abbr. "iff"), where "if" is the sufficient condition, and "only if" is the necessary condition.

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In "if and only if" (iff), "if" expresses the sufficient condition, and "only if" the necessary condition


Pascal Engel (Truth [2002], §1.1)

Book Reference

Engel,Pascal: 'Truth' [Acumen 2002], p.14

A Reaction

'I take my umbrella if and only if it is raining' (oh, and if I'm still alive). There may be other necessary conditions than the one specified. Oh, and I take it if my wife slips it into my car…

Related Idea

Idea 3891 If p entails q, then p is sufficient for q, and q is necessary for p [Scruton]