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[catalogued under 17. Mind and Body / E. Mind as Physical / 3. Eliminativism]

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It may well be that completed neuroscience will not include a reduction of folk psychology, but why should that be a reason to regard it as false? It would only be a reason if irreducibility entailed that they could not possibly both be true.

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Folk psychology may not be reducible, but that doesn't make it false


comment on Paul M. Churchland (Eliminative Materialism and Prop. Attitudes [1981]) by Robert Kirk - Mind and Body 3.9

Book Reference

Kirk,Robert: 'Mind and Body' [Acumen 2003], p.64

A Reaction

If all our behaviour had been explained by a future neuro-science, this might not falsify folk psychology, but it would totally marginalise it. It is still possible that dewdrops are placed on leaves by fairies, but this is no longer a hot theory.