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Anaxagoras says that intellect (which is a cause of change) is not affected by or mixed in with anything else; for this is the only way in which it can cause change, while being itself changeless, and control things without mixing with them.

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Anaxagoras says mind remains pure, and so is not affected by what it changes


report of Anaxagoras (fragments/reports [c.460 BCE]) by Aristotle - Physics 256b24

Book Reference

Aristotle: 'Physics', ed/tr. Waterfield,Robin [OUP 1996], p.202

A Reaction

I suggest that this is the germ of the original concept of freewill - of the mind as somehow outside the causal processes of the world, so that it can initiate change without itself being affected by other causes. Aristotle says he's right; I disagree.