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[catalogued under 17. Mind and Body / E. Mind as Physical / 2. Reduction of Mind]

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One can laugh without being composed of laughing particles, why cannot the things that we see gifted with sensation be compounded of seeds that are wholly senseless?

Gist of Idea

You needn't be made of laughing particles to laugh, so why not sensation from senseless seeds?


Lucretius (On the Nature of the Universe [c.60 BCE], II.988)

Book Reference

Lucretius: 'On the Nature of the Universe', ed/tr. Latham,Ronald [Penguin 1951], p.89

A Reaction

Lovely argument! You might feel driven to panpsychism in your desperation to explain the 'weirdness' of consciousness, but it would be mad to attribute laughter to basic matter, so comedy has to 'emerge' at some point.