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Goodness is happiness, ..but we agree that those who attain happiness are divine. The reward of the good, then, is to become gods.

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The reward of the good is to become gods


Boethius (The Consolations of Philosophy [c.520], IV.III)

Book Reference

Boethius: 'The Consolations of Philosophy', ed/tr. Watts,V.E. [Penguin 1969], p.124

A Reaction

Kant offered a similar argument (see Idea 1455). Most of us are unlikely to agree with the second premise of Boethius' argument. The idea that we might somehow become gods gripped the imagination for the next thousand years.

Related Idea

Idea 1455 Belief in justice requires belief in a place for justice (heaven), a time (eternity), and a cause (God) [Kant, by PG]