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All goods are either in the soul or outside it, and it is those in the soul that are more worthy of choice; for wisdom, virtue and pleasure are in the soul, and some or all of these seem to be an end for everyone.

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Goods in the soul are more worthy than those outside it, as everybody wants them


Aristotle (Eudemian Ethics [c.333 BCE], 1218b34)

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Aristotle: 'Eudemian Ethics I,II and VIII', ed/tr. Woods,Michael [OUP 1992], p.12

A Reaction

An interesting reason for this assertion - that it is true because everybody agrees on it. See Idea 95. I would think that he might claim that our soul is our essence, whereas external goods pander to the non-essential in us.

Related Idea

Idea 95 If everyone believes it, it is true [Aristotle]