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[catalogued under 23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 2. Elements of Virtue Theory / i. Absolute virtues]

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No matter whether a man commits adultery with the right woman or at the right time or in the right way, because anything of that kind is simply wrong.

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There is no right time or place or way or person for the committing of adultery; it is just wrong


Aristotle (Nicomachean Ethics [c.334 BCE], 1107a18)

Book Reference

Aristotle: 'Ethics (Nicomachean)', ed/tr. ThomsonJ A K/TredennickH [Penguin 1976], p.102

A Reaction

It would be nice if he gave a reason or a criterion for this opinion. Kekes says this points to something even more morally basic than virtue. Some acts should not even be considered.

Related Idea

Idea 20153 Doing the unthinkable damages ourselves, so it is more basic than any value [Kekes]