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The objects of knowledge are either ideas imprinted on the senses, or passions and operations of the mind, or ideas (formed by memory and imagination) compounding, dividing or barely representing the original perceptions.

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Knowledge is of ideas from senses, or ideas of the mind, or operations on sensations


George Berkeley (The Principles of Human Knowledge [1710], 1)

Book Reference

Berkeley,George: 'The Principles of Human Knowledge etc.', ed/tr. Warnock,G.J. [Fontana 1962], p.65

A Reaction

This is the germ of Hume's 'associations' (Idea 2189). There is not much room here for synthetic a priori knowledge, as the a priori part seems to merely know the mind. Most of Russell's epistemology is contained in the last part of the sentence.

Related Idea

Idea 2189 All ideas are connected by Resemblance, Contiguity in time or place, and Cause and Effect [Hume]