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[catalogued under 27. Natural Reality / B. Modern Physics / 1. Relativity / a. Special relativity]

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There cannot be any motion other than relative; …if there was one only body in being it could not possibly move.

Gist of Idea

All motion is relative, so a single body cannot move


George Berkeley (The Principles of Human Knowledge [1710], §112)

Book Reference

Berkeley,George: 'The Principles of Human Knowledge etc.', ed/tr. Warnock,G.J. [Fontana 1962], p.121

A Reaction

This seems to agree with with Leibniz in denying the Newton-Clarke idea of absolute space. See Idea 2100. Suppose there were two bodies racing towards one another, when one of them suddenly vanished?

Related Idea

Idea 2100 Space and time are purely relative [Leibniz]