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To pass our test it seems that our theory will have to be a 'mixed' theory, to account for the Madman (whose pain has odd causes, and odd effects) and also for the Martian (who has normal causes and effects, but an odd physical state).

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A theory must be mixed, to cover qualia without behaviour, and behaviour without qualia


report of David Lewis (Mad Pain and Martian Pain [1980], žII) by PG - Db (ideas)

Book Reference

Lewis,David: 'Philosophical Papers Vol.1' [OUP 1983], p.123

A Reaction

A statement that 'pain' is ambiguous (qualia/causal role) would help a lot here. Martians have the causal role but no qualia, and the madman has the qualia but lacks the causal role. I say lots of different qualia might have the same causal role.