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When the hidden neurophysiological structure of qualia (if there is any) gets revealed by unfolding research, then we will automatically gain a new epistemic access to qualia, beyond each person's native and exclusive capacity for internal discrimination.


'Epistemic' means involving knowledge

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A full neural account of qualia will give new epistemic access to them, beyond private experience


Churchland / Churchland (Recent Work on Consciousness [1997])

Book Reference

Churchland,Paul and Patricia: 'On the Contrary: critical essays 1987-1997' [MIT 1998], p.165

A Reaction

Carefully phrased and hard to deny, but something is impenetrable. What experience does an insect have when it encounters ultra-violet light? Nothing remotely interesting about their qualia is likely to emerge from the study of insect brains.

Related Idea

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