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The Eightfold Path has three steps concerning morality - right speech, right bodily action, and right livelihood; three of wisdom - right views, right intentions, and right effort; and two of tranquillity - right mindfulness and right concentration.

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The Eightfold Path concerns morality, wisdom, and tranquillity


Ashvaghosha (Saundaranandakavya [c.50], XVI)

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'Buddhist Scriptures', ed/tr. Conze,Edward [Penguin 1959], p.114

A Reaction

Most of this translates quite comfortably into the aspirations of western philosophy. For example, 'right effort' sounds like Kant's claim that only a good will is truly good (Idea 3710). The Buddhist division is interesting for action theory.

Related Idea

Idea 3710 The only purely good thing is a good will [Kant]