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The 'companionship difficulty' cannot arise if the members of the resemblance class are tropes rather than whole concrete particulars. The instances of having a heart, as abstract particulars, are quite different from instances of having a kidney.


See Idea 7956 for Goodman's 'companionship difficult'

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Tropes solve the Companionship Difficulty, since the resemblance is only between abstract particulars


Keith Campbell (The Metaphysic of Abstract Particulars [1981], 6)

Book Reference

'Properties', ed/tr. Mellor,D.H. /Oliver,A [OUP 1997], p.134

A Reaction

The companionship difficulty seems worst if you base your account of properties just on being members of a class. Any talk of resemblance eventually has to talk about 'respects' of resemblance. Is a trope a respect? Is a mode an object?

Related Idea

Idea 7956 If all and only red things were round things, we would need to specify the 'respect' of the resemblance [Goodman, by Macdonald,C]