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[catalogued under 3. Truth / A. Truth Problems / 6. Verisimilitude]

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We might explain the closeness to the truth (or 'verisimilitude') in terms of closeness of possible worlds. A theory is close to the truth to the extent that our world resembles some world where that theory is exactly true.

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Verisimilitude might be explained as being close to the possible world where the truth is exact


David Lewis (On the Plurality of Worlds [1986], 1.3)

Book Reference

Lewis,David: 'On the Plurality of Worlds' [Blackwell 2001], p.24

A Reaction

[Lewis cites Risto Hilpinen for this thought] I am always puzzled why Lewis and co. talk of whole worlds in their accounts. If I am close to the truth about cooking a good omelette, what has the rest of the world got to do with it?