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22. Metaethics / C. Ethics Foundations / 2. Source of Ethics / d. Biological ethics

[ethics derived from needs of evolution]

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Natural law is supplied to the human mind by reality and human nature [Cumberland]
Plotinus was ashamed to have a body [Feuerbach]
Nietzsche felt that Plato's views downgraded the human body and its brevity of life [Nietzsche, by Roochnik]
Values are innate and inherited [Nietzsche]
Our values express an earlier era's conditions for survival and growth [Nietzsche]
We created meanings, to maintain ourselves [Nietzsche]
Evolution suggests prevailing or survival as a new criterion of right and wrong [James]
Genetic behaviours that have enhanced human success include aggression, rape and xenophobia [Wilson,EO, by Okasha]