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22. Metaethics / B. The Good / 3. Pleasure / e. Role of pleasure

[what is the point of pleasure?]

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Good and bad people seem to experience equal amounts of pleasure and pain [Plato]
It is a mistake to think that the most violent pleasure or pain is therefore the truest reality [Plato]
Intense pleasure and pain are not felt in a good body, but in a worthless one [Plato]
Everything that takes place naturally is pleasant [Plato]
Character is revealed by the pleasures and pains people feel [Aristotle]
Feeling inappropriate pleasure or pain affects conduct, and is central to morality [Aristotle]
Pleasure and virtue entail one another [Epicurus]
Immoderate desire is the mark of a child, not an adult [Democritus (attr)]
Nature only wants two things: freedom from pain, and pleasure [Lucretius]
We are scared of death - except when we are immersed in pleasure! [Seneca]
Animals don't value pleasure, as they cease sexual intercourse after impregnation [Plutarch]
Pleasure and pain control all human desires and duties [Bentham]