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29. Religion / D. Religious Issues / 2. Immortality / d. Heaven

[good place where good souls go as a reward]

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Is the supreme reward for virtue to be drunk for eternity? [Plato]
At the end of a saint, he is not located in space, but just ceases to be disturbed [Ashvaghosha]
The righteous shall dwell on couches in gardens, wedded to dark-eyed houris [Mohammed]
Heaven will be reclining on couches, eating fruit, attended by virgins [Mohammed]
Those in bliss have their happiness increased by seeing the damned punished [Aquinas]
In heaven all the interesting men are missing [Nietzsche]
People who disparage actual life avenge themselves by imagining a better one [Nietzsche]
Heaven was invented by the sick and the dying [Nietzsche]
We don't want heaven; now that we are men, we want the kingdom of earth [Nietzsche]
That our heaven is a dull place reflects the misery of excessive work in life [Russell]
Paradise would not contain some virtues, such as courage [Davies,B]
Pious Jews saw heaven as a vast library [Johnson,P]