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16. Persons / B. Concept of the Self / 3. External Properties

[external aspects that are part of a Self]

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For Hegel knowledge of self presupposes objects, and also a public and moral social world [Hegel ,by Scruton]
Hegel claims knowledge of self presupposes desire, and hence objects [Hegel ,by Scruton]
Man is nothing else but the sum of his actions [Sartre]
Action requires a self, even though perception doesn't [Searle]
Externalism about content makes introspection depend on external evidence [Kim]
I am the sum total of what I directly control [Dennett]
We are not born with a self; we develop a self through living [Flanagan]
If a person relies on their notes, those notes are parted of the extended system which is the person [Clark/Chalmers]
A sense of self begins either internally, or externally through language and society [Edelman/Tononi]
Locke's intrinsic view of personal identity has been replaced by an externalist view [Martin/Barresi]