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16. Persons / B. Nature of the Self / 3. Self as Non-physical

[Self is a distinct substance]

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My individuality is my soul, which carries my body around [Plato]
I am a thinking substance, which doesn't need a place or material support [Descartes]
If trees change identity when substance changes, unchanging persons must have a fixed substance [Butler, by PG]
If we performed our past actions, we must have constant substance or properties [Butler, by PG]
If self is a substance, what happens when the substance changes? [Hume, by PG]
I can express the motion of my body in a single point, but that doesn't mean it is a simple substance [Kant]
The self is a combination of pairs of attributes: freedom/necessity, infinite/finite, temporal/eternal [Kierkegaard]
I am picked out uniquely by my individual essence, which is 'being identical with myself' [Chisholm]