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16. Persons / B. Nature of the Self / 6. Self as Higher Awareness

[Self as concerned with awareness of awareness]

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Consciousness of an object always entails awareness of the self [Fichte]
In seeing the sun, we are acquainted with our self, but not as a permanent person [Russell]
The Ego is not formally or materially part of consciousness, but is outside in the world [Sartre]
Persons are distinguished by a capacity for second-order desires [Frankfurt]
A person essentially has second-order volitions, and not just second-order desires [Frankfurt]
Being a person must involve having second-order beliefs and desires (about beliefs and desires) [Dennett]
If I have a set of mental modules, someone had better be in charge of them! [Fodor]
Self-consciousness may just be nested intentionality [Rey]
Maybe a person's true self is their second-order desires [Tuckness/Wolf]