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16. Persons / B. Concept of the Self / 1. Essential Self

[Self as the essence of a human or mind]

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One soul can't be more or less of a soul than another [Plato]
Only the gods stay unchanged; we replace our losses with similar acquisitions [Plato]
It would seem that the thinking part is the individual self [Aristotle]
Rather than being the whole soul, maybe I am its chief part? [Plutarch]
Thoughts change continually, but the self doesn't [Reid]
The self is a combination of pairs of attributes: freedom/necessity, infinite/finite, temporal/eternal [Kierkegaard]
The ranking of a person's innermost drives reveals their true nature [Nietzsche]
Bad theories of the self see it as abstract, or as a bundle, or as a process [Chisholm]
I am picked out uniquely by my individual essence, which is 'being identical with myself' [Chisholm]
People use 'I' to refer to themselves, with the meaning of their own individual essence [Chisholm]
People accept blurred boundaries in many things, but self must be All or Nothing [Dennett]
All human languages have an equivalent of the word 'I' [Lowe]