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10. Modality / B. Possibility / 9. Counterfactuals

[facts in worlds different from the actual world]

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It makes no sense to say that a true proposition could have been false [Russell]
Counterfactuals are true if logical or natural laws imply the consequence [Goodman, by McFetridge]
Counterfactuals are plausible when dispositions are involved, as they imply structures [Quine]
What stays the same in assessing a counterfactual antecedent depends on context [Quine]
Counterfactuals have no place in a strict account of science [Quine]
We feign belief in counterfactual antecedents, and assess how convincing the consequent is [Quine]
Counterfactuals are either based on laws, or on nearby possible worlds [Kim, by PG]
Counterfactuals are just right for analysing statements about the powers which things have [Harré/Madden]
For true counterfactuals, both antecedent and consequent true is closest to actuality [Lewis]
In good counterfactuals the consequent holds in world like ours except that the antecedent is true [Lewis, by Horwich]
Backtracking counterfactuals go from supposed events to their required causal antecedents [Lewis]
Problems with Goodman's view of counterfactuals led to a radical approach from Stalnaker and Lewis [Horwich]
Counterfactuals are not true, they are merely valid [Mautner]
Counterfactuals are true if in every world close to actual where p is the case, q is also the case [Mautner]
Counterfactuals say 'If it had been, or were, p, then it would be q' [Mautner]
Counterfactuals presuppose a belief (or a fact) that the condition is false [Mautner]
Maybe counterfactuals are only true if they contain valid inference from premisses [Mautner]
Counterfactual conditionals transmit possibility: (A□→B)⊃(◊A⊃◊B) [Williamson]
A counterfactual antecedent commands the redescription of a selected moment [Maudlin]
Counterfactuals aren't about actuality, so they lack truthmakers or a supervenience base [Merricks]
Counterfactuals are essential for planning, and learning from mistakes [Hofweber]
An improbably lottery win can occur in a nearby possible world [Pritchard,D]
Counterfactuals invite us to consider the powers picked out by the antecedent [Jacobs]