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3. Truth / B. Truthmakers / 5. What Makes Truths / b. Objects make truths

[truths are made true by some sort of object]

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A true existence statement has its truth caused by the existence of the thing [Aristotle]
The truthmaker principle requires some specific named thing to make the difference [Williamson]
What matters is truth-making (not truth-makers) [David]
Orthodox truthmaker theories make entities fundamental, but that is poor for explanation [Sider]
If a ball changes from red to white, Truthmaker says some thing must make the change true [Merricks]
Truthmaker says if an entity is removed, some nonexistence truthmaker must replace it [Merricks]
If Truthmaker says each truth is made by the existence of something, the theory had de re modality at is core [Merricks]
A truthmaker is an object which entails a sentence [Beall/Restall]