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15. Nature of Minds / A. Nature of Mind / 8. Brain

[philosophically interesting features of the brain]

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The directive centre is located in the whole head [Democritus, by Ps-Plutarch]
Do we think and experience with blood, air or fire, or could it be our brain? [Plato]
Researching phenomenal consciousness is peculiar, because the concepts involved are peculiar [Papineau]
A 1988 estimate gave the brain 3 x 10-to-the-14 synaptic junctions [Lockwood]
Pain doesn't have one brain location, but is linked to attention and emotion [Carter,R]
Proper brains appear at seven weeks, and neonates have as many neurons as adults do [Carter,R]
In primates, brain size correlates closely with size of social group [Carter,R]
A conscious state endures for about 100 milliseconds, known as the 'specious present' [Edelman/Tononi]