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22. Metaethics / A. Ethical Ends / 2. Goodness / b. Candidates for the Good

[what constitutes the highest moral value]

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The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance [Diog. Laertius on Socrates]
The chief good is unity, sometimes seen as prudence, or God, or intellect [Eucleides]
Only knowledge of some sort is good [Plato]
As with other things, a good state is organised and orderly [Plato]
Good first, then beauty, then reason, then knowledge, then pleasure [Plato]
Pleasure is commonly thought to be the good, though the more ingenious prefer knowledge [Plato]
Plato's legacy to European thought was the Good, the Beautiful and the True [Gray on Plato]
Pleasure is better with the addition of intelligence, so pleasure is not the good [Aristotle on Plato]
The masses believe, not unreasonably, that the good is pleasure [Aristotle]
Wealth is not the good, because it is only a means [Aristotle]
Intelligence and sight, and some pleasures and honours, are candidates for being good in themselves [Aristotle]
Happiness is perfect and self-sufficient, the end of all action [Aristotle]
Pleasure is not the Good, and not every pleasure is desirable [Aristotle]
Goodness is when a thing (such as a circle) is complete, and conforms with its nature [Aristotle]
The good is what is perfect by nature [Blank on Diogenes of Babylon]
The supreme good is harmony of spirit [Seneca]
Pagans produced three hundred definitions of the highest good [Grayling on Augustine]
By 'good' I mean what brings us ever closer to our model of human nature [Spinoza]
The good is the virtuous, the pleasing, or the useful [Leibniz]
True goodness is political, and consists of love of and submission to the laws [Montesquieu]
Perfection comes through the senses (Beauty), through reason (Truth), and through moral will (Good) [Tolstoy on Baumgarten]
The three main values are good, right and beauty [Ross on Moore,GE]
The three intrinsic goods are virtue, knowledge and pleasure [Ross]
The four goods are: virtue, pleasure, just allocation of pleasure, and knowledge [Ross]
The good life for man is the life spent seeking the good life for man [MacIntyre]