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21. Aesthetics / A. Aesthetic Experience / 3. Taste

[nature and status of good taste]

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If would be absurd not to disagree with someone's taste if it was a taste for poisons [Leibniz]
Strong sense, delicate sentiment, practice, comparisons, and lack of prejudice, are all needed for good taste [Hume]
With respect to the senses, taste is an entirely personal matter [Kant]
When we judge beauty, it isn't just personal; we judge on behalf of everybody [Kant]
Saying everyone has their own taste destroys the very idea of taste [Kant]
Why are the strong tastes of other people so contagious? [Nietzsche]
Taste is the capacity to judge an object or representation which is thought to be beautiful [Tarski, by Schellekens]
Literary meaning emerges in comparisons, and tradition shows which comparisons are relevant [Scruton]
Critics must be causally entangled with their subject matter [Fogelin]
The faculty of 'taste' was posited to explain why only some people had aesthetic appreciation [Davies,S]