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21. Aesthetics / C. Artistic Issues / 6. Value of Art

[value of art for individuals and in society]

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Truth is closely related to proportion [Plato]
Artists should be excluded from a law-abiding community, because they destroy the rational mind [Plato]
The purpose of art is to reveal to Spirit its own nature [Hegel, by Davies,S]
The main purpose of art is to express the unity of human life [Hegel]
Art forms a bridge between the sensuous world and the world of pure thought [Hegel]
The will-less contemplation of art brings a liberation from selfhood [Schopenhauer, by Gardner]
Man is more beautiful than anything else, and the loftiest purpose of art is to reveal his nature [Schopenhauer]
All art is quite useless [Wilde]
Art clarifies the artist's mind and feelings, thus leading to self-knowledge [Collingwood, by Davies,S]
Art leads to mental health, and mental clarity [Beardsley,M, by Carroll,N]
Great art proves the absurdity of art for art's sake [Murdoch]
In modern times, being useless is the essential aesthetic ingredient for an object [Baudrillard]