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21. Aesthetics / B. Nature of Art / 8. The Arts / b. Literature

[philosophical aspects of literature]

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Without the surface decoration, poetry shows only appearances and nothing of what is real [Plato]
Poetry is more philosophic than history, as it concerns universals, not particulars [Aristotle]
Tragedies are versified sufferings of people impressed by externals [Epictetus]
For poets free choice is supreme [Schlegel,F]
Literature is the most important aspect of culture, because it teaches understanding of living [Murdoch]
All great poetry is engaged in rivalry with mathematics [Badiou]
Storytelling is never neutral; some features of the world must be emphasised [Nussbaum]
Wallace Stevens is the greatest philosophical poet of the twentieth century in English [Critchley]
The author function of any text is a plurality of selves [Gutting]
The hermeneutic circle is between the reader's self-understanding, and the world of the text [Zimmermann,J]