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21. Aesthetics / E. Art Theories / 3. Art and Morality

[relationship between moral and aesthetic values]

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Musical performance can reveal a range of virtues [Damon of Ath.]
If the King likes music then there is hope for the state [Mencius (Mengzi)]
The good is found in actions, but beauty can exist without movement [Aristotle]
Stoics use 'kalon' (beautiful) as a synonym for 'agathon' (good) [Bury on Zeno of Citium]
Stoics say that beauty and goodness are equivalent and linked [Diog. Laertius on Chrysippus]
The upper classes put beauty first, and thus freed themselves from morality [Tolstoy]
We separate the concept of beauty from goodness, unlike the ancients [Tolstoy]
Having ethical sympathies is a bad mannerism of style in an artist [Wilde]
Books are only well or badly written, not moral or immoral [Wilde]