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8. Modes of Existence / B. Properties / 7. Emergent Properties

[new properties only found at higher levels of existence]

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Some properties depend on components, others on their relations [Searle]
Fully 'emergent' properties contradict our whole theory of causation [Searle]
Properties can have causal powers lacked by their constituents [Kim]
Emergent properties appear at high levels of complexity, but aren't explainable by the lower levels [Nagel]
Is weight a 'resultant' property of water, but transparency an 'emergent' property? [Kim]
Emergent properties are 'brute facts' (inexplicable), but still cause things [Kim]
The world is full of messy small things producing stable large-scale properties (e.g. mountains) [Fodor]
If mental properties are emergent they add a new type of causation, and physics is not complete [Crane]
The distinction between 'resultant' properties (weight) and 'emergent' properties is a bit vague [Crane]
Complex properties are just arrangements of simple properties; they do not "emerge" as separate [Heil]
Complex properties are not new properties, they are merely new combinations of properties [Heil]
Emergent properties will need emergent substances to bear them [Heil]
A lead molecule is not leaden, and macroscopic properties need not be microscopically present [Mumford]
Weak emergence is just unexpected, and strong emergence is beyond all deduction [Mumford/Anjum]