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4. Formal Logic / F. Set Theory ST / 5. Conceptions of Set / a. Sets as existing

[commitment to sets as really existint entities]

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Classes are a host of ethereal, platonic, pseudo entities [Goodman]
The use of plurals doesn't commit us to sets; there do not exist individuals and collections [Boolos]
If singletons are where their members are, then so are all sets [Lewis]
A huge part of Reality is only accepted as existing if you have accepted set theory [Lewis]
Set theory isn't innocent; it generates infinities from a single thing; but mathematics needs it [Lewis]
Are sets part of logic, or part of mathematics? [Shapiro]
The set theorist cannot tell us what 'membership' is [Chihara]
ZFC can prove that there is no set corresponding to the concept 'set' [George/Velleman]