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13. Knowledge Criteria / C. External Justification / 8. Social Justification

[justification entirely concerns social consensus]

9 ideas
Other men's opinions don't add to our knowledge - even when they are true [Locke]
Mathematicians only accept their own proofs when everyone confims them [Hume]
Knowing has no definable essence, but is a social right, found in the context of conversations [Rorty]
If you would deny a truth if you know the full evidence, then knowledge has social aspects [Harman, by Sosa]
Justifications come to an end when we want them to [Nagel]
Coherentism moves us towards a more social, shared view of knowledge [Dancy,J]
Communitarian Epistemology says 'knowledge' is a social status granted to groups of people [Kusch]
Myths about lonely genius are based on epistemological individualism [Kusch]
Private justification is justification to imagined other people [Kusch]