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18. Thought / E. Abstraction / 8. Abstractionism Critique

[reasons to reject the abstractionist explanation]

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If health happened to be white, the science of health would not study whiteness [Aristotle]
Abelard's problem is the purely singular aspects of things won't account for abstraction [Panaccio on Abelard]
The mind must produce by its own power an image of the individual species [Aquinas]
Thomae's idea of abstract from peculiarities gives a general concept, and leaves the peculiarities [Frege on Thomae]
Dedekind has a conception of abstraction which is not psychologistic [Dedekind, by Tait]
If we abstract the difference between two houses, they don't become the same house [Frege]
Number-abstraction somehow makes things identical without changing them! [Frege]
Frege said concepts were abstract entities, not mental entities [Frege, by Putnam]
Psychologism blunders in focusing on concept-formation instead of delineating the concepts [Dummett on Husserl]
Husserl wanted to keep a shadowy remnant of abstracted objects, to correlate them [Dummett on Husserl]
The abstractionist cannot explain 'some' and 'not' [Geach]
Only a judgement can distinguish 'striking' from 'being struck' [Geach]
'Or' and 'not' are not to be found in the sensible world, or even in the world of inner experience [Geach]
We can't acquire number-concepts by extracting the number from the things being counted [Geach]
Abstractionists can't explain counting, because it must precede experience of objects [Geach]
The numbers don't exist in nature, so they cannot have been abstracted from there into our languages [Geach]
Blind people can use colour words like 'red' perfectly intelligently [Geach]
If 'black' and 'cat' can be used in the absence of such objects, how can such usage be abstracted? [Geach]
We can form two different abstract concepts that apply to a single unified experience [Geach]
To abstract from spoons (to get the same number as the forks), the spoons must be indistinguishable too [Dummett]
To 'abstract from' is a logical process, as opposed to the old mental view [Dummett]
We can't account for an abstraction as 'from' something if the something doesn't exist [Lewis]
Defining concepts by abstractions will collect together far too many attributes from entities [Barnes,J]
Abstraction from an ambiguous concept like 'mole' will define them as the same [Barnes,J]
Abstraction cannot produce the concept of a 'game', as there is no one common feature [Barnes,J]
After abstraction all numbers seem identical, so only 0 and 1 will exist! [Fine,K]
Why should abstraction from two equipollent sets lead to the same set of 'pure units'? [Tait]
If abstraction produces power sets, their identity should imply identity of the originals [Tait]