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25. Society / E. State Functions / 4. Education / d. History study

[ideas about the study and teaching of history]

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It is heresy to teach that history repeats every 36,000 years [Anon (Par)]
Persons are shaped by a life history; splendid persons are shaped by world history [Novalis]
History is the progress of the consciousness of freedom [Hegel]
Human history must always be studied in relation to industry and exchange [Marx/Engels]
Most historians are trapped in the illusions of their own epoch [Marx/Engels]
The history of all existing society is the history of class struggles [Marx/Engels]
History does not concern what really happened, but supposed events, which have all the influence [Nietzsche]
We should evaluate the past morally [Nietzsche]
Despite endless suggestions, no one has found a goal for history [Cioran]
History is wonderfully devoid of meaning [Cioran]
History lacks 'meaning', but it can be analysed in terms of its struggles [Foucault]
The arrival of the news media brought history to an end [Baudrillard]
The more you know about history, the harder it becomes to explain [Harari]
History teaches us that the present was not inevitable, and shows us the possibilities [Harari]