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18. Thought / E. Abstraction / 5. Abstracta by Negation

[defining abstractions by specifying what they are not]

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Abstractions lack causes, effects and spatio-temporal locations [Mellor/Oliver]
Concrete and abstract objects are distinct because the former have causal powers and relations [Lowe]
The centre of mass of the solar system is a non-causal abstract object, despite having a location [Lowe]
Nowadays abstractions are defined as non-spatial, causally inert things [Rosen]
Chess may be abstract, but it has existed in specific space and time [Rosen]
Sets are said to be abstract and non-spatial, but a set of books can be on a shelf [Rosen]
Abstractions are imperceptible, non-causal, and non-spatiotemporal (the third explaining the others) [Szabó]