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5. Theory of Logic / L. Paradox / 4. Paradoxes in Logic / a. Achilles paradox

[problem when analysing a pursuit race]

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The fast runner must always reach the point from which the slower runner started [Zeno of Elea, by Aristotle]
We don't have time for infinite quantity, but we do for infinite divisibility, because time is also divisible [Aristotle on Zeno of Elea]
The tortoise won't win, because infinite instants don't compose an infinitely long time [Russell]
To solve Zeno's paradox, reject the axiom that the whole has more terms than the parts [Russell]
The Achilles Paradox concerns the one-one correlation of infinite classes [Russell]
Whenever the pursuer reaches the spot where the pursuer has been, the pursued has moved on [Quine]
Space and time are atomic in the arrow, and divisible in the tortoise [Devlin]
An infinite series of tasks can't be completed because it has no last member [Lowe]
Zeno assumes collecting an infinity of things makes an infinite thing [Rovelli]