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1. Philosophy / D. Nature of Philosophy / 6. Hopes for Philosophy

[optimistic views of what philosophy can achieve]

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Socrates opened philosophy to all, but Plato confined moral enquiry to a tiny elite [Vlastos on Socrates]
If all laws were abolished, philosophers would still live as they do now [Aristippus elder]
Even people who go astray in their opinions have contributed something useful [Aristotle]
Free thinking has no presuppositions [Hegel]
Philosophy is a search for real truth [Peirce]
Philosophy is more valuable than much of science, because of its beauty [Nietzsche]
A well-posed problem is a problem solved [Bergson, by Deleuze/Guattari]
If a question can be framed at all, it is also possible to answer it [Wittgenstein]
For a good theory of the world, we must focus on our flabby foundational vocabulary [Quine]
It is no longer possible to be a sage, but we can practice the exercise of wisdom [Hadot]
Science studies phenomena, but only metaphysics tells us what exists [Mumford]