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[analysis is the wrong way to do philosophy]

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The desire to split everything into its parts is unpleasant and unphilosophical [Plato]
Even philosophers have got bogged down in analysing tiny bits of language [Seneca]
You cannot divide anything into many parts, because after the first division you are no longer dividing the original [Sext.Empiricus]
Analysis falsifies, if when the parts are broken down they are not equivalent to their sum [Russell]
Critics say analysis can only show the parts, and not their distinctive configuration [Ayer]
If you know what it is, investigation is pointless. If you don't, investigation is impossible [Armstrong]
Essentialism says metaphysics can't be done by analysing unreliable language [Ellis]
Analytical philosophy seems to have little interest in how to tell a good analysis from a bad one [Rorty]
Analyses of concepts using entirely different terms are very inclined to fail [Kripke]
It seems likely that analysis of concepts is impossible, but justification can survive without it [Fodor]
Despite all the efforts of philosophers, nothing can ever be reduced to anything [Fodor]
Paradox: why do you analyse if you know it, and how do you analyse if you don't? [Ruben]
No one has ever succeeded in producing an acceptable non-trivial analysis of anything [Lockwood]
Analytical philosophy analyses separate concepts successfully, but lacks a synoptic vision of the results [Benardete,JA]
Analytic philosophy focuses too much on forms of expression, instead of what is actually said [Tait]
Analytic philosophy studies the unimportant, and sharpens tools instead of using them [Mautner]
Concern for rigour can get in the way of understanding phenomena [Fine,K]
You can't understand love in terms of 'if and only if...' [Svendsen]
We can't presume that all interesting concepts can be analysed [Williamson]
Interesting philosophers hardly every give you explicitly valid arguments [Martin,M]
The paradox of analysis says that any conceptual analysis must be either trivial or false [Sorensen]
Why think that conceptual analysis reveals reality, rather than just how people think? [Ladyman/Ross]
Naturalistic philosophers oppose analysis, preferring explanation to a priori intuition [Margolis/Laurence]