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10. Modality / A. Necessity / 5. Metaphysical Necessity

[inescapable necessity as a feature of reality]

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The first way of enquiry involves necessary existence [Parmenides]
Metaphysical necessity holds between things in the world and things they make true [Ellis]
If something is possible, but not nomologically possible, we need metaphysical possibility [Shoemaker]
There are more metaphysically than logically necessary truths [Soames]
We understand metaphysical necessity intuitively, from ordinary life [Soames]
Metaphysical necessity is said to be unrestricted necessity, true in every world whatsoever [Salmon,N]
Bizarre identities are logically but not metaphysically possible, so metaphysical modality is restricted [Salmon,N]
Metaphysical necessity is NOT truth in all (unrestricted) worlds; necessity comes first, and is restricted [Salmon,N]
Without impossible worlds, the unrestricted modality that is metaphysical has S5 logic [Salmon,N]
In the S5 account, nested modalities may be unseen, but they are still there [Salmon,N]
Metaphysical necessity is a bizarre, brute and inexplicable constraint on possibilities [Chalmers]
Strong metaphysical necessity allows fewer possible worlds than logical necessity [Chalmers]
Metaphysical necessity may be 'whatever the circumstance', or 'regardless of circumstances' [Fine,K]
Metaphysical possibility is discovered empirically, and is contrained by nature [Edgington]
Metaphysical necessity is logical necessity 'broadly construed' [Lowe, by Lynch/Glasgow]
'Metaphysical' necessity is absolute and objective - the strongest kind of necessity [Lowe]
Is 'Hesperus = Phosphorus' metaphysically necessary, but not logically or epistemologically necessary? [Segal]
Metaphysical necessity says there is no possibility of falsehood [Hale]
Maybe metaphysical accessibility is intransitive, if a world in which I am a frog is impossible [Sider]
'Metaphysical' modality is the one that makes the necessity or contingency of laws of nature interesting [Rosen]
Metaphysical necessity is absolute and universal; metaphysical possibility is very tolerant [Rosen]
Standard Metaphysical Necessity: P holds wherever the actual form of the world holds [Rosen]
Sets, universals and aggregates may be metaphysically necessary in one sense, but not another [Rosen]
Non-Standard Metaphysical Necessity: when P is incompatible with the nature of things [Rosen]
The excellent notion of metaphysical 'necessity' cannot be defined [Rosen]
Logically impossible is metaphysically impossible, but logically possible is not metaphysically possible [Maudlin]
Metaphysical necessity can be 'weak' (same as logical) and 'strong' (based on essences) [Hanna]
Metaphysical modalities respect the actual identities of things [Rumfitt]
Metaphysical necessity is even more deeply empirical than Kripke has argued [Vetter]