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9. Objects / E. Objects over Time / 13. No Identity over Time

[objects are never strictly the same over time]

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If flux is continuous, then lack of change can't be a property, so everything changes in every possible way [Plato on Heraclitus]
A tree retains identity in a 'loose popular sense', but in a 'strict philosophical sense' it changes with its particles [Butler, by PG]
If a single object cannot reveal identity then nor can several, because they are seen at different times [Hume, by PG]
If interrupted noises and rebuilt churches are the same, identity must be in the mind of the observer [Hume, by PG]
We pretend identity stays the same if purpose and causal interconnection remain the same [Hume, by PG]
Commonsense says a thing can have identity at different times, but a logical definition of this seems impossible [Reid, by PG]
We consider objects to retain identity when they slightly change because language cannot afford a new name each time [Reid, by PG]
Eliminativism about objects gives the best understanding of the Sorites paradox [Merricks]