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4. Formal Logic / E. Nonclassical Logics / 5. Relevant Logic

[logic which requires some relevance of antecedent to consequent]

8 ideas
Relevance logic's → is perhaps expressible by 'if A, then B, for that reason' [Burgess]
A logic is 'relevant' if premise and conclusion are connected, and 'paraconsistent' allows contradictions [Priest,G, by Friend]
It's 'relevantly' valid if all those situations make it true [Beall/Restall]
Excluded middle must be true for some situation, not for all situations [Beall/Restall]
Relevant consequence says invalidity is the conclusion not being 'in' the premises [Beall/Restall]
Relevant logic does not abandon classical logic [Beall/Restall]
A doesn't imply A - that would be circular [Beall/Restall]
Relevant logic may reject transitivity [Beall/Restall]