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[generalisations about existence of language]

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Without speech we cannot know right/wrong, true/false, good/bad, or pleasant/unpleasant [Anon (Upan)]
Non-physical beauty can only be shown clearly by speech [Plato]
Language may aid thinking, but powerful thought was needed to produce language [Rousseau]
Language co-exists with consciousness, and makes it social [Marx/Engels]
Philosophy can't be unbiased if it ignores language, as that is no more independent than individuals are [Kierkegaard]
Icons resemble their subject, an index is a natural sign, and symbols are conventional [Maund on Peirce]
Words such as 'I' and 'do' and 'done to' are placed at the point where our ignorance begins [Nietzsche]
Frege frequently expressed a contempt for language [Dummett on Frege]
Russell started philosophy of language, by declaring some plausible sentences to be meaningless [Hart,WD on Russell]
To imagine a language means to imagine a form of life [Wittgenstein]
Language pictures the essence of the world [Wittgenstein]
What can be said is what can be thought, so language shows the limits of thought [Grayling on Wittgenstein]
The limits of my language means the limits of my world [Wittgenstein]
Discourse generally departmentalizes itself to some degree [Quine]
Language is more like a cooperative steamship than an individual hammer [Putnam]
Davidson aimed to show that language is structured by first-order logic [Smart on Davidson]
Philosophy of language is a branch of philosophy of mind [Searle]
Universal grammar doesn't help us explain anything [Searle]
Mastery of a language requires thinking, and not just communication [Harman]
Intuition may say that a complex sentence is ungrammatical, but linguistics can show that it is not [Block]
For behaviourists language is just a special kind of behaviour [Kirk,R]
How do we parse 'time flies like an arrow' and 'fruit flies like an apple'? [Devlin]
The Picture Theory claims we can read reality from our ways of speaking about it [Heil]
Logic holding between indefinite sentences is the core of all language [Fine,K]