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25. Social Practice / D. Justice / 2. The Law / a. Legal system

[the system used by a government to enforce laws]

11 ideas
The better known the law, the more criminals there are [Lao Tzu]
Will I stand up against the law, simply because I have been unjustly judged? [Socrates]
Man is the worst of all animals when divorced from law and justice [Aristotle]
If it is easy to change the laws, that makes them weaker [Aristotle]
Laws that match people's habits are more effective than mere written rules [Aristotle]
The aim of law is not restraint, but to make freedom possible [Locke]
The state ensures liberty, so civil law separates citizens, and binds them to the state [Rousseau]
Laws that are well thought out, or laws that are easy to understand? [Nietzsche]
Positive law needs secondary 'rules of recognition' for their correct application [Hart,HLA, by Zimmermann,J]
If being subject to the law resembles a promise, we are morally obliged to obey it [Tuckness/Wolf]
If others must obey laws that we like, we must obey laws that they like? [Tuckness/Wolf]