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2. Reason / D. Definition / 8. Impredicative Definition

[definition that doesn't introduce a new concept]

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A defined name should not appear in the definition [Hobbes]
Predicative definitions are acceptable in mathematics if they distinguish objects, rather than creating them? [Zermelo, by Lavine]
Impredicative Definitions refer to the totality to which the object itself belongs [Gödel]
Impredicative definitions are wrong, because they change the set that is being defined? [Bostock]
'Impredictative' definitions fix a class in terms of the greater class to which it belongs [Linsky,B]
Impredicative definitions quantify over the thing being defined [George/Velleman]
Impredicative definitions are circular, but fine for picking out, rather than creating something [Potter]
An 'impredicative' definition seems circular, because it uses the term being defined [Friend]
Predicative definitions only refer to entities outside the defined collection [Horsten]