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5. Theory of Logic / G. Quantification / 7. Unorthodox Quantification

[non-classical ways of referring to the quantity of objects]

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Some quantifiers, such as 'any', rule out any notion of order within their range [Harré]
There are at least five unorthodox quantifiers that could be used [Tharp]
Boolos invented plural quantification [Boolos, by Benardete,JA]
We could quantify over impossible objects - as bundles of properties [Lewis]
The universal and existential quantifiers were chosen to suit mathematics [Soames]
We need an Intentional Quantifier ("some of the things we talk about.."), so existence goes into the proposition [McGinn]
Not all quantification is objectual or substitutional [Williamson]
Intuitionists read the universal quantifier as "we have a procedure for checking every..." [Friend]
Stop calling ∃ the 'existential' quantifier, read it as 'there is...', and range over all entities [Anderson,CA]