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[general ideas about the abstract/concrete border]

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Objects of ideas can be divided into abstract and concrete, and then further subdivided [Leibniz]
Frege refers to 'concrete' objects, but they are no different in principle from abstract ones [Frege, by Dummett]
We don't say 'red' is abstract, unlike a river, just because it has discontinuous shape [Quine]
We can only see an alien language in terms of our own thought structures (e.g. physical/abstract) [Quine]
We can't say that light is concrete but radio waves abstract [Dummett]
Ostension is possible for concreta; abstracta can only be referred to via other objects [Dummett, by Hale]
The concrete/abstract distinction seems crude: in which category is the Mistral? [Dummett]
We don't need a sharp concrete/abstract distinction [Dummett]
The distinction of concrete/abstract, or actual/non-actual, is a scale, not a dichotomy [Dummett]
Concrete objects have few essential properties, but properties of abstractions are mostly essential [Yablo]
We are thought to know concreta a posteriori, and many abstracta a priori [Yablo]
Possible objects are abstract; actual concrete objects are possible; so abstract/concrete are compatible [Fine,K]
The abstract/concrete boundary now seems blurred, and would need a defence [Shapiro]
Mathematicians regard arithmetic as concrete, and group theory as abstract [Shapiro]
Abstract/concrete is a distinction of kind, not degree [Burgess/Rosen]
Much of what science says about concrete entities is 'abstraction-laden' [Burgess/Rosen]
David's 'Napoleon' is about something concrete and something abstract [Brown,JR]
The abstract/concrete distinction is based on what is perceivable, causal and located [Hale]
Colours and points seem to be both concrete and abstract [Hale]
The abstract/concrete distinction is in the relations in the identity-criteria of object-names [Hale]
Token-letters and token-words are concrete objects, type-letters and type-words abstract [Hale]
Abstract entities don't depend on their concrete entities ...but maybe on the totality of concrete things [Szabó]
If 'concrete' is the negative of 'abstract', that means desires and hallucinations are concrete [Potter]
The cosmos is the only fundamental entity, from which all else exists by abstraction [Schaffer,J]
If concrete is spatio-temporal and causal, and abstract isn't, the distinction doesn't suit physics [Ladyman/Ross]
Concrete and abstract are too crude for modern physics [Ladyman/Ross]