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10. Modality / A. Necessity / 1. Types of Modality

[family of modalities that includes necessity and possibility]

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Modalities do not augment our concepts; they express their relation to cognition [Kant]
There are two families of modal notions, metaphysical and epistemic, of equal strength [Edgington]
Necessity is counterfactually implied by its negation; possibility does not counterfactually imply its negation [Williamson]
Priority is a modality, arising from collections and members [Potter]
Maybe modal thought is unavoidable, as a priori recognition of necessary truth-preservation in reasoning [Hale/Hoffmann,A]
Dispositionality has its own distinctive type of modality [Mumford/Anjum]
Dispositionality is the core modality, with possibility and necessity as its extreme cases [Mumford/Anjum]
Dispositions may suggest modality to us - as what might not have been, and what could have been [Mumford/Anjum]