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5. Theory of Logic / E. Structures of Logic / 8. Theories in Logic

[complete sets of propositions derived from some start]

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Despite Gödel, Frege's epistemic ordering of all the truths is still plausible [Frege, by Burge]
The primitive simples of arithmetic are the essence, determining the subject, and its boundaries [Frege, by Jeshion]
'Theorems' are both proved, and used in proofs [Frege]
To study formal systems, look at the whole thing, and not just how it is constructed in steps [Curry]
A 'theorem' of a theory is a sentence derived from the axioms using the proof system [Smith,P]
Theories in logic are sentences closed under consequence, but in truth discussions theories have axioms [Fine,K]
A theory is logically closed, which means infinite premisses [Read]
A theory is 'non-conservative' if it facilitates new mathematical proofs [Horsten]
A theory is some formulae and all of their consequences [Halbach]