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18. Thought / D. Concepts / 3. Ontology of Concepts / a. Concepts as representations

[concepts as mental states representing reality]

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Our notions may be formed from concepts, but concepts are formed from things [Leibniz]
It is essential to the concept CAT that it be satisfied by cats [Fodor]
Having a concept isn't a pragmatic matter, but being able to think about the concept [Fodor]
Concepts have two sides; they are files that face thought, and also face subject-matter [Fodor]
If concepts just are mental representations, what of concepts we may never acquire? [Peacocke]
Labels may indicate categories which embody an essence [Gelman]
A computer may have propositional attitudes without representations [Margolis/Laurence]
Do mental representations just lead to a vicious regress of explanations [Margolis/Laurence]